Meet Mitchell

Mitchell Gee

Administrator / Social Media

Mitchell has played a huge part of the team for just over a year 
now.  Mitch joined us back in January 2020 as an Apprentice.  

He is currently working towards his level 3 in Business 
Administration and is achieving some amazing results.

Mitchell strengths defiantly lay in staff Training and Development 
and he has produced some amazing staff training programs.    

Being the youngest of the team, Mitchell is always ahead of the 
latest gadgets.  Always giving us tips and tricks on both devices and 
the latest software.  

Mitchell also helps run our social media and marketing campaigns and 
has a keen interest in photography and film production. 

With such passion for this, he also runs his own business on the side in 
Photography and film production and is certainly leaving his mark in 
the industry.

01295 340034